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We are a family farm in the truest sense of the word. Kase and I and our children work hard, play hard, run a thriving organic date business and still manage to make time for adventure along the way. Our VW Bus, a Type 2 vintage model from the 70’s, is as much a part of our lives as anything else we do. In fact, if you have met us at the farm, at a festival or at market, you have definitely seen her. She is the official Naked Dates wagon, and figures prominently on our t-shirts and other branding.

Her name is Daphne, christened so by our daughter Autumn and me. We received her as a very generous gift from Kase’s parents, Paul and Velma, in 2015. Before we took possession, Paul had put a lot of time and TLC into her: she was on the receiving end of some extensive body work, a new coat of paint, a completely redone interior and an awesome roof rack. We were so thrilled to have her! Kase wasted no time, and got right down to work tricking her out, first with a kick-ass stereo system and brand new speakers, and then a ‘rock-n-roll bed’ (a seat that folds down into a bed) for overnighters.

I made curtains for her, and bought her a very spiffy, custom made Naked Dates tire cover. The renos, fixes, additions and upgrades are ongoing – we have so many ideas, so there’s always something on the to-do list.


Far from being just a prop, Daphne is essential to our everyday lives. I use her to transport all my yoga gear to and from the classes I teach in Wellton. We camp out in her on a regular basis, and we use her as part of our vendor booth at festivals and markets when we can. One of the crazy things about being a VW Bus owner is that you’re never alone. There is a fun-loving community of vintage VW bus owners who love to get together, camp out and enjoy life to the fullest – people just like us! So far, we’ve attended the local VW campout in Yuma, and just experienced our first Buses by the Bridge Festival at Lake Havasu. We’ve taken her to campouts like the Firefly Gathering in Flagstaff, and almost didn’t make it to and from Lightning in a Bottle Music Festival in California because of engine problems … now that was an adventure! We installed a new engine in June of last year and are looking forward to where the road takes us next.

In March, we will be taking Daphne to her first Sedona Yoga Festival, where we hope to be using her as the backdrop for our Naked Dates vendor booth. Kase and I will be attending that event, taking some classes and workshops while we introduce more people to our delicious organic Medjool dates. This summer, we plan to take her down to Baja for more camping and exploring.

Our days are an endless adventure, underscored by love and the wonderful family traditions we have established along the way. Our farm, our kids, Daphne, Kase and me. It truly is a wonderful life, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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