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Naked Dates is a certified organic farm, producing Medjool dates exclusively on 80 acres of land located in Wellton, Arizona. We are USDA Certified Organic by CCOF (California Certified Organic Farmers), one of the original organic certification entities in the United States. We stand proudly behind our certification, a family dedicated not only to upholding organic standards of farming, but also to a pure, simple, minimalistic and sustainable lifestyle.


Family Values: Kase Limmeroth and Misty Mastin, Founders of Naked Dates

Originally from Oregon, we began planting Medjool dates on our farm in Yuma, Arizona in 2007. The Naked Dates brand began with us selling our dates at home in OR, but we soon decided to relocate to Arizona in order to concentrate more fully on the business and living organically. We expanded our plantings, adding blocks successively up until 2013. We now have more than 3,000 date trees, from which we produce 100% of our certified organic Naked Date products. Date trees take a minimum of 5 years to begin producing a good crop, but they will continue to mature and produce for an additional 40-50 years. Our business model relies heavily on this point, as we are building a sustainable future, not only for our family but for our community and for generations to come. Through our commitment to organic farming, our independence and family values, we are maintaining a promise to nurture our planet, ensuring that our legacy gives back in every way possible.


Community Grown, Organically Raised

True, there are many date farms in Arizona, and a handful of organic farms too, but Naked Dates is the only certified organic date farm that produces organic products exclusively. Our personal grading standards are much more stringent than most date growers’, and because of this we feel that our product is superior – a sentiment that has been echoed by our customers ever since we first began to introduce Naked Dates to the world. What you can always expect from us is a high-quality, great tasting Medjool date that upholds to the highest standards of quality and flavor.

Other ways in which Naked Dates provides enrichment includes offering gainful employment to our local community. This not only helps to keep local families fed and sheltered, but ensures that new generations have a reason to stay in this beautiful little corner of the southwest.

As an agro-tourism destination, Naked Dates invites visitors to visit, taste and tour its organic farm and facilities. We live, breath and farm organically, and love nothing more than to share our enthusiasm for what we do with others. What you’ll find when you visit: a happy, balanced family who is committed to the simple, sustainable lifestyle we have chosen. All that and delicious dates and date products too? Yes! all that, and so much more!


History and Heritage

Dates are one of the oldest known fruits, with evidence of cultivation in the Middle East dating back to 6000 BC. The Ancient Egyptians made wine from dates, and through the centuries they have always been prized for their sweet decadence. A staple of the raw vegan lifestyle, dates are also popular with Paleo Diet enthusiasts. They are high in fiber and can give the body a substantial energy boost as well as being an excellent source of calcium, iron, potassium and magnesium. Versatile in all kinds of recipes, they are a delicious anytime treat that you can really feel good about.

Along with fresh dates in a variety of sizes and grades, we have developed many date products that are completely unique to us: date beer, date soda, date tea and an amazing date soap that has already grown a legion of enthusiasts.


Stay in Touch!

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