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As you may or may not know, in addition to being a date farmer, I teach yoga and have been doing so for many years. Yoga is a big part of our family’s healthy lifestyle, and if I had to pinpoint the one thing that helps to keep me sane in the midst of the constant change date farming provides, yoga would be it. So, when the opportunity arises to combine two of my cherished passions (three, actually, because my family is such a big part of it too), I’m all in.

The yoga life is such a peaceful, connected way to exist. It fits perfectly with our philosophies, and supports our bodies, and our spiritual selves as well as our mental health. It doesn’t matter how hard we’ve worked or plan to work, yoga is the one thing that can bring us all back down to earth.


On the road again

Pretty soon, we’ll be loading up Daphne, our vintage VW Naked Dates Bus, and heading out for some high desert adventure! We’ll be pretty cramped on the way there, as we’re taking all of our yoga gear as well as enough product to last through the festival. We’ll be selling our delicious organic Medjool Dates, handmade date soap and yummy date Kombucha, hoping to attract a whole new crop of Naked Date devotees. The drive itself will probably take about 4.5 – 5 hours, and with a brand-new engine in our Daphne, there’s no stopping us! The drive gets more and more interesting as you wind north through Phoenix and up into the canyons. There are lots of things to see and explore along the way, so we might just take our time and check out the ruins at Tuzigoot, or maybe nip up the mountain to the super-cute town of Jerome to visit Cadeuceus Winery, because believe it or not, Arizona produces some pretty good wine!

Magical Sedona

If you’ve never been to Sedona, it’s unlike any place you’ve ever been. If you’re into yoga, spirituality, nature, or connecting with earth, sky and spirit, this is truly the place to be. The surrounding desert, the plunging rock cliffs and breathtaking canyons are unbelievable – especially at this time of year, when it’s cool enough to explore. It’s a little higher in altitude than we are in Yuma, so it’s much more comfortable, even at mid-day. In fact, it gets downright cold at night in the desert – better remember to bring extra warm blankets!

We love the desert. Mind you, it’s not for everybody; however, if you’ve never experienced it, you should make some time to do so. Most people think that there is no life in the desert, but they couldn’t be more wrong. Fun fact: 90% of the produce you buy in the United States is grown in the California and Arizona deserts; mostly in Imperial Valley (CA) and the Colorado River Basin (AZ). Another interesting thing about deserts is that they all seem to have a vibration of their own. For example, the atmosphere in the Mojave Desert of California is completely different from the areas around Santa Fe, New Mexico or anywhere in Arizona. The desert around Sedona is completely unique. I always find the energy there to be positive, light and empowering. This could be, in part, because of the four energy vortices in the general vicinity.

Yes – the vortexes, or vortices, to be grammatically correct. These are special spots where energy is either entering the earth or projecting out of it. Other parts of the planet where you will find such vortices are the Giza pyramids in Egypt, at Machu Picchu in Peru, at Stonehenge in the UK and at Ayers Rock in Australia’s Northern Territory. It is said that the power of these vortices can help you transform and grow, spiritually. Of the four vortices in the Sedona area, Bell Rock Vortex is the closest to the yoga festival. You can bet we’re going to make some time to visit, either on the way there or back. I will be sure to report back on any observations or epiphanies had along the way!

Enjoy Healthy Naked Dates anytime!

If you’re in the Sedona area and into yoga, be sure to make a point of visiting the Sedona Yoga festival. Look for Daphne, the Naked Dates VW bus, and that’s where we will be – Kase or I will be manning the booth while the other checks out some of the events and presentations. We are so excited to be a part of this wonderful gathering, now in its 5th year. If you would like to learn more about the yoga festival, or about how to include Naked Dates into your healthy lifestyle, drop us a line today. We’d love to hear from you! Until then, Namaste.